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The Top Trio in Self-Health Care at
Home: Magnesium, Iodine and
Sodium Bicarbonate

by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
International Medical Veritas Association

Edited by danreid.org

Number One: Magnesium Chloride

     Magnesium chloride occupies the number one slot in all our protocols. I continue to receive testimonies that justify its placement as the most needed and useful medicinal substance in the world. When I have only a minute to explain to people why magnesium is so important I talk about the very basics of life, i.e., water, air, sunlight and food. Magnesium is right up there with these life essentials and is the most important mineral for doctors to become acquainted with for there is no other single medicine that is as effective and safe.
    For many the initial applications of magnesium to the body are similar to the relief a person feels when drinking water after coming out of a desert. I often say it is like the oil and grease to a car engine, if you want engine seizure just let the oil run down. Same with magnesium, without enough we are almost guaranteed to age more quickly and fall into discomfort and serious disease. I have recently been using a ten to one dilution of the purest magnesium chloride[i] I have found to make eye drops for myself and for my master builder in the interior whose eye doctor had suggested surgery, which was no longer needed after two weeks of application. The following testimony clearly demonstrates the power of magnesium chloride in medical practice.  

I have been on a medication called Baclofen for severe muscle spasms.  This medication is primarily used for spinal issues. I have also been prescribed Neurontin a medication used for neurological disorders. I am driving my doctors' nuts, so you might say that I am crazy.  Just ask my wife. The doctors are puzzled with what is going on with me. The spinal docs and the brain docs are trying to determine if these cluster seizures are spinal or neurological. I have had three brain surgeries for menengiomas, tumors of the meninges. These spasms are most frequently small in number throughout the day, yet very discomforting.
     On bad days I can get up to 200 a day and in clusters of ten to fifteen leaving me at times unable to move.  Stress and fatigue seem to accentuate the amount of them and the intensity of each.  These spasms are so difficult that it takes all my wits to lull them in to a controllable state. I thought it would never be possible to overcome this state of being.  I was succumbing to the fact that pharmaceuticals would be my last and final resort.
     I have tried numerous naturopathic protocols none of which seemed to solve the discomfort while the spasms continued to worsen in both intensity and occurrence. One of our decisions for a detox protocol was to acquire some of this fantastic clay we had been hearing about. With our shipment came a sample of liquid magnesium in a spray bottle for topical use and your book on transdermal magnesium therapy.
     I have tried magnesium in capsule form with calcium as suggested by one of my doctors.  It gave some relief, until the spasms intensified. At this point destined toward heavy medications, I thought what, do I have to lose.  Within two days of the first application of spraying my entire body both days, the spasms subsided.  It is still very early to say that this is it, but in life's little synchronicities through a series of unknown events myself and liquid magnesium have come together to enrich my life.  I can't even begin to tell you what this simple mineral has done for me.  Within a short period of a couple of weeks I am a different person.  No longer am I chasing an illusive creature taking over my life and leaving me in shambles.  I am calm and at peace, no longer am I preoccupied with just trying to be me.  There is just simply, not enough I can say about this liquid magnesium with the exception of thank you!
Lanny Morton

     Just this morning I was reading one of David Brownstein's wonderful books called Salt Your Way To Health and discovered that the chloride in salt helps the kidneys to clear or detoxify the body of bromide, which is a potent poison that is stupidly used in both medicines and foods, especially the white bread you buy from a store. It is just one more reason to sustain the conclusion that magnesium chloride is more effective than other forms of magnesium. We overlook the fact that chloride is also important and necessary for properly functioning human physiology. It is also interesting to note, when talking about bromide, that it is also more toxic in an iodine deficient environment and actually provokes iodine deficiency.
     For purposes of cellular detoxification and tissue purification, the most effective form of magnesium is magnesium chloride, which has a strong excretory effect on toxins and stagnant energies stuck in the tissues of the body, drawing them out through the pores of the ski. (Now we see it draws them out through the kidneys as well.} Chloride is required to produce a large quantity of gastric acid each day and is also needed to stimulate starch-digesting enzymes. Using other magnesium salts is less advantageous because these have to be converted into chlorides in the body anyway. We may use magnesium as oxide or carbonate but then we need to produce additional hydrochloric acid to absorb them. Many aging individuals, especially with chronic diseases who desperately need more magnesium cannot produce sufficient hydrochloric acid and then cannot absorb the oxide or carbonate forms of magnesium.

Number Two: Iodine

        Iodine occupies the number two spot in the IMVA protocol for cancer, infections, and a host of other acute and chronic clinical situations. I hope to announce the publication of Iodine, Bringing Back Universal Medicine, in the next two weeks. Governments around the world recognized the importance of iodine many years ago and started putting iodine into salt. But they forgot to tell everyone that iodine is volatile and evaporates quite quickly meaning there is little to no iodine in the salt on your table after a week or two. This is a glaring oversight of tragic proportions and when you add the fact that fluoride and bromide are more toxic in iodine deficient people we just begin to become aware of the importance of iodine[ii].

Iodine is not only necessary for the production
of thyroid hormone; it is also responsible for the
production of all the other hormones in the body.

Dr. David Brownstein 

     We also need iodine for our immune system to work properly. With insufficient amounts, you could end up with cancer, multiple sclerosis, or a host of other diseases. I dedicated my iodine book to Dr. Brownstein and several other brave doctors who are responsible for bringing back iodine as a universal medicine. The following testimony of a cancer patient illustrates why I would always recommend that iodine be taken in sufficient doses for a sufficient period of time before contemplating the use of other more toxic substances. 

Joan, a 60-year-old English teacher, received a diagnosis of breast cancer in 1989. She refused conventional therapy and looked for other options. She found a holistic doctor who recommended that she take 2 mg/day of iodine in addition to a regimen of vitamins and minerals.
Over the next 10 years, she felt well and continued to teach. Unfortunately, the tumor metastasized in 2005. Joan's tumor markers increased and she felt very fatigued. She lost 25 pounds. "I felt like I was dying," she said.
After finding out more information about iodine, she got a prescription for it in a more effective, higher-dose form. After only six weeks of taking the higher iodine dose, Joan's PET scan showed that all of the existing tumors were disintegrating, particularly in their central areas. "I am so grateful for this information as it is surely saving my life" Joan remarked.

Number Three: Sodium Bicarbonate
     Sodium bicarbonate is our number three heavyweight in the IMVA protocol and Sodium Bicarbonate - Beating Back Late Stage Infections is another book we hope to publish by the end of the year that deals with this basic emergency room substance. This is another common medicinal that threatens the medical establishment as well as the toothpaste and deodorant industries. I was very pleased last week to be treated by my new dentist with the most up to date machine that cleans the teeth using a high pressure flow of sodium bicarbonate. When I published a few months ago about bicarbonate, carbon dioxide and oral use I got two sharp warnings that bicarbonate should never be taken orally. At the same time I got the following testimony:
     "In desperation, when my daughter was repeatedly going into status epilepticus, despite medication, I tried giving her a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in half a pint of water. This stopped the seizures, and I have used it many times since. Her neurologist has no explanation, but has no objection to me using it."
     ""The side effects she has suffered from anti-convulsing drugs are many. Epanutin caused fractures, due to the displacement of calcium. Carbamazapine  caused hypothyroidism, and this is documented in her medical notes. Vigabatrin/Sabril has damaged her eyesight." 
     "My daughter went away for respite care in April, and had 48 seizures during a 2 day period, but the staff was unable to give her the bicarbonate of soda, because of new Government regulations, which say everything has to be written up by a doctor."
     "At the present time she is having 2 seizure free weeks, and then a cluster for 2 or 3 days. When she has the first seizure I give her one spoonful of bicarbonate and one on each of the next 3 days. This seems to cut the number down to 1 or at the most 2 a day. My doctor has now given me a letter authorizing its use."
                                                                                                                    Christine Saltmarshe
     When it comes to cancer and many other clinical situations it is too bad that one of the most effective universal medicines is illegal. For those who follow CODEX and other medical freedom issues it is heartening to know that the authorities who want to control and dominate us and our health will not be closing down access to bicarbonate, magnesium chloride or iodine. These are all common unpatented universal medicines readily available at any local drug store without a prescription. But THC and medical marijuana are held back from us even though it could easily be a contender for the heavy weight title as safest medicine and also one of the most effective for cancer and a host of other neurological disorders.  It is also one of the most effective pain medications available anywhere at any price. I have had several conversations with Rick Simpson who produced and gave out freely THC laden hemp oil to cancer patients in Canada to great effect. Personally I have even used it to sooth the aches and pains from severe flu to great effect.
     Rounding up my list of basic medicines is a good chelator of heavy metals[iii],  spirulina[iv], another tremendously useful medicine, probiotics[v], natural vitamin C, R-ALA[vi], selenium and bentonite clay[vii]. These are my top ten protocol items but one cannot forget the sunlight and vitamin D, clean air when possible and of course pure water. I have been asked recently for my recommendation for water filters and if I had to pick one way that includes the removal of fluoride it would be a good water distiller or reverse osmosis machine. For short, near term and even long term use there is nothing purer and thus medically more effective than "treated" distilled or RO water. I would add though a pinch of bicarbonate, magnesium chloride and sodium thiosulfate to such processed water. This should remove the objection that distilled water will remove minerals from the body. Of course one can put the water in the sun and even pray over it to bring it to life though nothing can compete with the water that comes right out of a spring on a pristine mountainside.
     This sums up the basic structure of our natural allopathic protocol, at least the top ten protocol items, which was presented in the Winning the War on Cancer book. I consider it allopathic because all of the above is supported by basic medical science and research. Because almost all of the above medicinal items are concentrated nutritional substances you will not find the nasty side effects that come so often with pharmaceutical drugs. But be prepared to hear distain from doctors and the medical media who will warn you to stay out of the sun and even not to drink too much water. After all one runs the serious risk of becoming fully hydrated if one drinks a good portion of water each day and that would be bad for business in the medical world.

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[v] Living Streams Probiotic is available at www.liquidprobiotic.com or www.nutrimedical.com
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