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Cleanse with Daniel & Snow in
Dali, Yunnan, China

Daniel and Snow have just finished their Renew Your Lease on Life program in Dali, Yunnan Province China.

It was a great success and we are looking forward to running the program again in the near future.

And here's some feedback from three of our Dali Detox graduates Ingrid, Debbie and Chantal:

The year has been so eventful. Many wonderful positive things have taken place... The most important news is that the three girls here are all extremely healthy – having undergone one of the most incredible life-changing experiences in what must be the most beautiful little place in China, Dali.

Three weeks ago we flew to Dali, situated on the plateau leading to Tibet. The air is crisp and perfect. The mountain water which gently flows through the old city, along the little canals which carry hundreds of years of history within their stone walls, is fresh and pure enough to drink.

Imagine us coming from Beijing , where one must not breathe and must not drink the water, to this bit of heaven. Our purpose for this journey was to meet in person, the famous author Daniel Reid and his reincarnated angel of a wife, Snow. We have been ardent followers of his "thinking" on health, food and life issues for awhile now and when we heard that they would be in Dali, there was no hesitation to bunk school and head off.

Our three days with Daniel and Snow changed our lives. We fasted and each day had the colonic treatment.

It was incredible. Releasing the past – all the emotional baggage, anything negative that we as humans carry around all our lives, making the road so much more difficult and the load so much heavier, was dumped. In every sense of the word ….. We let go, we cleared out and left Dali as new people who are now so ready and equipped for the next chapter of life.

Please stay tuned to danreid.org for news and updates including dates for the next program season.


Positions are limited for this exclusive program which can be booked/ arranged for your choice of three to seven days.

If you're interested in more information please contact Dan and Snow's assistant, Sholto, via the contact page.

The Renew Your Lease on Life program represents your chance not only to cleanse and detoxify your body and mind, but also to work directly with Danel Reid and his wife Snow.

The charges are US$125 per day per person.

Regards accommodation, there are a range of options starting as cheap as $10USD per night, all within walking distance of the cleanse center.

Interested? Contact Sholto Now To Register Interest

Positions are very limited, as Daniel and Snow can only work a maximum of 7 persons per day. Bookings are taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

from Dan

OCT 6-OCT 31

Our program this year was held for the first time in China, in the charming ancient city of Dali, in western Yunnan.

The program was conducted at our "Dali Detox Center" in a furnished rental house located within the old city walls of the ancient city, with most clients staying at our recommended hotel, the Lan Lin Ge ("Landscape Hotel"), which is only a short stroll from the center, and also located within the city walls.

To those of you who missed the program, we look forward to seeing you next time in Dali, where we plan to establish
a long-term home base for future programs, as well as other programs such
as chi-gung training, Tao workshops, the Chinese art of tea, and other
treasures of the Great Tao.

Live long in good health!

Daniel & Snow