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News & Updates

2015 Detox Programs - Special announcement from Dan and Snow Reid - See 'Renew Your Lease On Life' page

September 2012 "Renew Your Lease on Life"

It has been some months now since we have had any news of the next program. Sincere apologies on that account. Details such as dates and location are yet to be finalized but Snow and Dan are keen to let it be known that we shall have confirmation in due course. Please 'check in' when you can so as not to miss out... 


May 2012

"The Tzolkin Trilogy"

 The didgeridoo, or yidaki, is one of the most ancient musical instruments on Earth. The Tzolkin Trilogy showcases the primal sound of the didgeridoo as it has never before been heard, in three original compositions, based on the Mayan calendar. This unique sound has been shaped and developed into a form that can act as a tool for healing and spiritual awakening. Using the Traditional Chinese Medicine principle that degeneration in the physical body is caused by imbalance and functional disharmony within the energy system, the sound vibrations work to connect with the human body's natural energy vibrations, in order to rebalance and restore their functional harmony and imbue the listener with a renewed sense of lightness and freedom.

These soothing and pure sounds should be experienced by anyone interested in music as a therapeutic tool, and are especially effective for those suffering from emotional or mental stress, sleep problems and disorders of the nervous system, digestive organs or the heart.

Yidaki music for sound therapy

>more info/purchase here!




November 2011

Daniel's Latest Book Published:
"The Art & Alchemy of Chinese Tea"

Featuring photography by Chris Janzen.

The fine art of preparing and drinking tea has become a hallmark of Chinese civilization, handed down through the ages in China by monks and martial artists, doctors and hermits, emperors and alchemists.

In his latest book, Daniel Reid explores Chinese tea in its manifold varieties, its long and colorful historical development in China, and its refinement as a mainstay of Chinese culture. He describes the principles that lie at the heart of tea culture in China, the potent medicinal properties of Chinese tea, and how to cultivate Cha Dao, the Daoist way of tea, in daily life.

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Cleanse Dates Announced

We are pleased to announce further dates for our 'Renew Your Lease
on Life' detox and regeneration program here in Dali.

Places are limited so register your interest at danreidorg@yahoo.com

For more details also checkout www.danreid.org/renew/

May 20th 2009

Dali Detox Report

We are pleased to report that our Renew Your Lease
on Life detox and regeneration program here in Dali,
May 2009, is turning out to be one of the most successful
program--and interesting groups--we've ever had.

This time, we simply posted the announcement of this
program on our website, without any other promotion,
and fished in more than a dozen aspirants from all over
the planet. As it turns out, most of them are born in the
Year of the Rat, like Snow and me, which confirms our
longstanding faith in the rodent species of human beings.

Here's a photo of Snow and me and Ludmil, a Rat who hails
from Bulgaria, on the day after he completed his 7-day cleanse
(all our Rats opted for the full 7 days, naturally), and his face
speaks for the results he got. We also got an Australian trader Rat from
Hong Kong, and a champion professional bridge player Rat from
Norway, plus a nurse from London. And they are still coming,
today we're expecting a gaggle of Chinese colons from Taiwan,
and an assortment of stragglers towards the end of May.

Everyone has experienced profoundly deep results: Snow is
in top form, gently & lovingly encouraging each individual
to release their clogged emotions and mental dross along
with the effluvia from their bowels; and the Lodge of Central
Harmony is proving to be the perfect setting for our program,
so we will continue to base it here for the next year of so.
Tentatively, we will offer another program at the Lodge here
in Dali in mid-June, check the website for details in a week or two.

Best to One and All,

Daniel & Snow


March 2009

Dali Detox May 2009 - Renew Your Lease On Life

New Program Dates..... New Program in Dali - Yunnan, China

> more info

November 2008

Dali Detox October 2008

In October 2008, Daniel and Snow hosted their "Renew Your Lease on Life" Detox and Cleanse Program in Dali, Yunnan Province in China.

And here's some feedback from Dali-cleansers Ingrid, Debbie and Chantal:

The year has been so eventful. Many wonderful positive things have taken place... The most important news is that the three girls here are all extremely healthy – having undergone one of the most incredible life-changing experiences in what must be the most beautiful little place in China, Dali.

Three weeks ago we flew to Dali, situated on the plateau leading to Tibet. The air is crisp and perfect. The mountain water which gently flows through the old city, along the little canals which carry hundreds of years of history within their stone walls, is fresh and pure enough to drink.

Imagine us coming from Beijing , where one must not breathe and must not drink the water, to this bit of heaven. Our purpose for this journey was to meet in person, the famous author Daniel Reid and his reincarnated angel of a wife, Snow. We have been ardent followers of his "thinking" on health, food and life issues for awhile now and when we heard that they would be in Dali, there was no hesitation to bunk school and head off.

Our three days with Daniel and Snow changed our lives. We fasted and each day had the colonic treatment.

It was incredible. Releasing the past – all the emotional baggage, anything negative that we as humans carry around all our lives, making the road so much more difficult and the load so much heavier, was dumped. In every sense of the word ….. We let go, we cleared out and left Dali as new people who are now so ready and equipped for the next chapter of life.

Ingrid, Debbie and Chantal.


April 2008

John Blofeld Book Published

Daniel: I'd like to announce the publication this month of my new book, a translation from Chinese into English of  the writer John Blofeld's memoirs of his life in China from 1930-1948.   Entitled My Journey in Mystic China and published by Inner Traditions, this is a must read for sinophiles, for John's lucid memories of his life in old China offer us a rare glimpse of the grace and charm that prevailed in China prior to 1950, the very grace and charm we still cultivate by practicing the traditional Chinese arts of tea, food, medicine, chi gung, and other tried-and-true Chinese ways of living well.
More info at amazon.com

March 2008

Daniel and Snow's Detox Program in Thailand!

Daniel and Snow are hosting their "Renew Your Lease on Life" Detox
Program at the Absolute Sanctuary Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand.

Begins 21st April

Program information...

September 2007

Daniel visits Mount Kailash in Tibet

Daniel Reid has recently been on a trek to remote western Tibet where he visited the holy Mount Kailash.

mount kailash daniel reid pilgrimage

Daniel and Mount Kailash

Sacred to Indian Hindus and Tibetans, one is considered to gain much merit by performing an entire "kora": complete circumnabulation of the mountain.

Traditionally one travels in a clockwise fashion. Daniel chose to peform kora in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The anti-clockwise kora is characteristic of Tibetan Bon religion which predates Buddhism by 15 000 years.

30th July 2007

Exclusive workshops in Sydney, Australia in December

Daniel Reid will be conducting some very exclusive workshops in Sydney, Australia in December. One of the topics will be "The Art of High Mountain Tea"

Contact Matthias Dippl for more information:

28th July 2007

Daniel Reid Detox Documentary - update

Film is now in editing and post-production


1st January 2007

"Old Pu's Travel Diary" - John Blofeld memoirs. Manuscript finished. To be published in 2007.

Daniel has finished the manuscript for his upcoming John Blofeld project, currently titled "Old Pu's Travel Diary". To commemorate this milestone we have another exclusive excerpt chapter to share with you:

Old Pu's Travel Diary - Chapter 7/8: The Clairvoyant Immortal
(click the above link, and then choose "Save")

Download the earlier special release chapter (originally released 8th March 2006):

Old Pu's Travel Diary - Chapter 2/10: Eat, Drink & Be Merry!
(click the above link, and then choose "Save")

1st December 2006

The Tao of Detox: The Secrets of Yang-Sheng Dao
- now in print in the USA & available online
worldwide via Amazon.com

Inner Traditions Publishing have released Daniel's "Tao of Detox" officially in the United States and is now available through major booksellers across the country as well as online. Check out the book at Amazon.com

3rd August 2006

In progress.... Detox + "self-health" documentary film

Daniel Reid on the set of
upcoming film, currently "untitled"

(scheduled for release July 2007)


25th April 2006

Daniel and Snow Masters in Residency at
The Balé in Nusa Dua, Bali

Daniel and Snow will return to The Balé Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali
as Masters in Residence. A fantastic opportunity to take part in
their "Renew Your Lease on Life" integrated detoxification and regeneration program.

Starting: June 19th 2006

Until: July 19th 2006 - possibly extending until end of July

Contact: Jose-Luis Calle - jose@lifestyleretreats.com

> More information here

8th March 2006

Special Advance Preview!

Exclusive to danreid.org, check out a special advance preview from Dan's upcoming John Blofeld project (see below 4th March entry)

Old Pu's Travel Diary - Chapter 2/10: Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

(click the above link, and then choose "Save")

4th March 2006

Inner Traditions to publish Daniel Reid's translation of "Old Pu's Travel Diary" - John Blofeld memoirs

"Old Pu's Travel Diary: The Memoirs of an Englishman in China" is Daniel Reid's latest project and is now set to be published in the USA by Inner Traditions in 2006/2007.

The diary was originally written in Chinese by John Blofeld, one of Daniel's old friends and mentors.

John Blofeld (1913–1987) was a world-renowned scholar and writer, devoting his life to the study of Eastern religion, especially Taoism and Buddhism.

7th February 2006

New interview: "Taoism, Chinese Medicine and The New Alchemy"

A classic interview reprinted from "The Empty Vessel: A Journal of Contemporary Taoism" Summer 1996. Click here to view.

3rd February 2006

New articles: "High Mountain Oolong and the Art of Chinese Tea"

Daniel shares his passion and expertise on the subject of high mountain oolong tea. A highly informative and enlightening article click here.

Site Update 12th January, 2006

The Interviews/Media section now has content: a newspaper article and a classic interview.

The Private Consultations page is now functioning, an exciting new service enabling you to connect direct with Daniel one on one.

Official dates for Daniel and Snow's upcoming workshops in Thailand have been announced on the Upcoming Events page.

And finally, there is now also a comprehensive Site Map.

"The Tao of Detox" to be released in the USA

January 10th 2006. Inner Traditions have secured the USA rights to "The Tao of Detox" and plan to have it in print in time for their Fall Catalog. For more information, click here to email Inner Traditions

Site Update 9th January, 2006

Welcome to our new improved two-column layout!

Loads of New Content!

Recently added, new items in the articles and health alerts sections

Major Site Update December 2005

Complete overhaul of the site: improved navigation, design and content.