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Volume 1, Issue 4 (March 2015) - Issue 3 - Issue 2 - Issue 1

    The ongoing medical debate regarding the benefits vs. the risks of vaccination has recently flared up again, due in part to the ebola scare in Africa as well as the rapidly growing incidence of autism in American children, who receive more vaccinations by the age of 6 months than adults in other countries receive in a lifetime. In an article in the March 5, 2015, issue of The New York Review of Books, American physician Jerome Groopman reviews two books that debate both sides of the issue—On Immunity by Eula Biss and Bad Faith by Dr. Paul Offit—and he comes down with both feet firmly in the camp that claims vaccinations are safe and effective for children to receive from the first day of birth, and that they are not primary causative factors in the explosive rise in autism, which now cripples 1 in 68 children in America and has risen 120% from just 2000 to 2010. 100 years ago, autism was almost unheard of in America, so something must certainly be wrong with modern American medicine today.

    First, let’s take a quick look at the history of vaccination. The idea of inoculating people against infectious disease by giving them vaccines of live pathogens came to the western world from China, where it was practiced around the year 1000 CE against smallpox. Residue from smallpox pustules in cows was dried and blown into the nostrils or scraped into the skin of recipients. The concept was carried to Europe by a Christian monk, who observed the practice while traveling in China, and it was used with varying degrees of success in Europe to combat recurring waves of infectious disease that frequently swept across the continent.

    The idea is simple: introduce into the human body a bacterium or virus that’s known to be responsible for causing a particular disease, and the recipient’s own immune system will thereby be stimulated to produce the antibodies and other immune factors required to combat that disease, thereby providing future immunity to subsequent exposure to those microbes, and providing lifelong protection from that disease. This method works quite well, but only when the recipient has a healthy, properly functioning immune system that is capable of launching strong immune response. If the recipient’s immune response is impaired, or if the recipient has no immune system, then immunization by vaccination does not and cannot work. On the contrary, such vaccines introduce a mortal enemy into the camp, a Trojan Horse inside the fortress of the human body. That’s why so many vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, fail to protect the elderly from disease, and often cause diseases that are even worse than the one which the vaccine is supposed to prevent. The elderly today, more often than not, have such severely impaired immune systems from a lifetime of poor diet, malnutrition, and poisonous prescription drugs that vaccinations fail entirely to prompt immune response and instead just make them sick.

    The problem is even worse for infants. From birth until the age of around 6 months, babies simply do not have a functional immune system, and therefore it’s impossible for a newborn baby to mount an immune response against viral or bacterial agents introduced into its body by vaccination. Instead, the vaccination only weakens the child, allowing infectious microbes to become rooted in the body and sometimes causing extremely debilitating disease.

    So how are newborn babies supposed to survive the onslaught of infectious germs that attack them the moment they leave the safety of the womb? Naturally, nature provides an effective solution in the form of colostrum in mother’s milk. This natural guardian of infant health is secreted the moment a baby takes its first nibble on mama’s nipple. Colustrum contains the full spectrum of immune factors required to protect newborn babies from a wide range of infectious diseases, but in order to benefit from this protection, the baby must be breast-fed, not bottle-fed.

    The first principle of proper vaccination for children is not to administer vaccines until after the age of 6 months, when their immune systems have fully developed and they have the capacity to mount a viable immune response to vaccines. However, babies in America today are routinely given over 20 vaccinations before the age of 6 months, some on their day of birth, and some in multiple versions of 2-3 vaccines in a single shot. You don’t need to be a brilliant scientist to see that this is a dangerous practice that poses a grave threat to the health of newborn babies.

    Another obvious factor that damages the health of children who receive vaccinations today is the harmful practice of adding proven neuro-toxins to all vaccines, including formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury. These poisons damage the brains of adults as well as children and newborn babies, but apologists for mainstream American medical practice, such as Groopman, consistently fail to explain to us why such dangerous toxic agents are routinely added to all vaccines.

    It’s easy enough to understand why so many mothers today, such as Eula Biss, distrust vaccinations and feel reluctant to let their newborn babies receive them. They fear that these shots, laced with mercury and other toxins that are known to cause brain damage, might be responsible for the massive rise in the incidence of autism, as the medical establishment mandates ever more vaccines for babies at ever younger ages. Instead of trying to mandate legal action against parents who resist vaccination of their children with vaccines that contain mercury and other known neuro-toxins, doctors should first explain to them why these vaccines all contain poisons that damage the brain. They should also provide pure vaccines that are free of such toxic elements. How do mercury and aluminum injected into infants protect them from disease of any sort?

    In his book Bad Faith, Dr. Offit, a professor of pediatrics and head of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, states that parents should be stripped of their legal right to refuse vaccinations for their children, especially newborn infants. He also argues that parents should not be allowed to seek exemption from vaccinations for their babies on “religious grounds.” He’s certainly right about the latter point! If parents are going to reject vaccinations for their babies, they should do so entirely on medical grounds. The way vaccines are formulated, produced, and administered today is sufficiently unsound to justify refusal on medical grounds alone. I have never heard or read any valid medical evidence provided by advocates of enforced vaccination such such as Offit or Groopman that gives sound scientific justification for adding mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, and other neuro-toxic agents to vaccines that are injected into the bodies of infants from the day of birth to the age of 6 months.

    Autism is a complex condition with a complex matrix of causative factors, but it’s reasonable to assume, from the evidence at hand, that mercury, aluminum, and other proven neuro-toxins found in vaccines routinely given to children today are primary causative factors.

    Groopman cites Dr. Joseph Mercola as a prominent opponent to vaccine, then mentions that his website “generated an estimated $7 million in 2010,” as though that fact casts doubt upon the veracity of Mercola’s work. If that’s the case, then how are we supposed to interpret the fact that the American pharmaceutical companies who produce and promote vaccines earn tens of billions of dollars from their sale each year?

    Articles in mainstream media such as The New York Review of Books, and books like Offit’s Autism’s False Prophecy and Bad Faith, written by authors with medical degrees whose views we are supposed to accept without question, consistently fail to get down to the heart of the matter. They discount dissident “second opinion” by practicioners of alternative medicine and debunk any view that strays from orthodox medical dogma, without ever explaining their own premises and practices. On the question of vaccination as a possible cause and probable factor in the staggering explosion of autism among children in America in recent decades, not one of these defenders of the faith has offered a single word of explanation to the question of why mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and other clinically proven neuro-toxins are routinely added to dozens of vaccinations given today to children under the age of one year, nor do they offer any convincing evidence that these poisons do not cause brain damage in infants who receive them in vaccines. I’m neither a scientist nor a physician, and neither are most of those reading this article, but we don’t need to be scientists or physicians to understand that there is something gravely wrong with vaccinations that deliver mercury and aluminum into the bodies of newborn babies.

    Doctors who air their views on such issues as autism in public print should offer us a scientific analysis of the problem at hand, and suggest a few viable medical solutions. If this problem is not fixed soon, we are going to lose a significant portion of the next generation to irreversible brain damage. It’s known that children do not develop their own viable immune response until around the age of 6 months, and therefore it seems logical to prohibit vaccination by the invasive means of injection prior to that age, while encouraging mothers to breast-feed their babies until at least that age in order to provide the natural immunization factors contained in colostrum. Mothers who cannot or will not breast-feed their newborn babies should be taught how to properly feed them with formulas that contain colostrum, probiotics, enzymes and other active factors that enhance immune response, while eliminating fluoride, glycophosate, high fructose corn oil, refined starches, and other factors known to suppress immunity.

    Administering vaccines to young children orally or as a nasal spray, rather than by injection, is another obvious way to reduce the shock of vaccination to an infant’s system.

    Above all is the obvious and imperative importance of strictly prohibiting the inclusion of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, and other proven neuro-toxins in the pharmaceutical production of any and all vaccinations, for children as well as adults. The damage caused by this practice is beyond measure, and to make matters worse, the government has now exempted pharmaceutical companies from law suits filed by the parents of children damaged by these vaccines.

    Doctors who defend a medical status quo that clearly fails to protect public health obstruct the development of alternative solutions. Modern medical science should diagnose the root causes of autism, as well as other health crises that are spinning out of control, such as cancer, diabetes, and Altzheimer Disease, and provide innovative new treatments that prevent and cure the root causes of these problems, rather than simply continuing to apply treatments that only suppress symptoms and often compound the problem with other conditions. The first and foremost law of all medicine is, “Do no harm.” Injecting infants with mercury does them a lot of harm.