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Volume 1, Issue 3 (August 2014) - Issue 4 - Issue 2 - Issue 1

With all the recent news about the growing global threat posed by the Ebola virus that is spreading like wildfire in West Africa, the main course on our menu for today is how to maintain and strengthen your body’s own immune response to this and other similar challenges. There is no external cure for Ebola, such as a ‘magic bullet’ drug or vaccine, but it is certainly possible to raise your own internal immune response to the point that it can successfully resist invasion by any and all microbial invasion. This principle is obvious and has been observed for centuries: under precisely the same conditions of exposure to viral and bacterial infections such as the flu, measles, HIV, cholera, and other diseases, some people immediately get sick and some die, while others remain healthy and unaffected in any way by the same degree of exposure to the same pathogen. Our bodies are genetically programed with a powerful immune defense system that’s designed to protect us from any and all external invasion by harmful pathogens. However, due to malnutrition, ingestion of toxins, chronic exposure to debilitating electromagnetic fields and radiation, and other modern lifestyle factors, most people today have developed impaired immune response that leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of invasive pathogens.
There are many effective ways to restore optimum immunity, including fasting, tissue detoxification, exercise, proper breathing, and other protocols, but these all take a lot of time, patience, and persistent practice, and will not provide immediate protection when a potential pandemic such as Ebola suddenly strikes. Therefore, what we will discuss here and now are the swiftest immediate measures that anyone and everyone can take to quickly boost immune response and thereby provide the maximum possible immune defense against Ebola and similar threats. If, like most people today, your immune system is already compromised, these measures will only elevate immune response to the degree that your system allows, but that at least gives you a “fighting chance” to protect yourself. And even if it does not protect you entirely from infection, it will certainly enable your system to launch an effective counter-attack that actively promotes recovery rather than passively submitting to mortal invasion.
The first and foremost step you need to take is to gather ammunition that arms your immune system to withstand and defend you against external invasion. That means taking the basic nutrients and other supplements that have been proven to enhance human immune response to all forms of attack by external pathogens. Among the most effective are the following items: selenium, zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, iodine, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, sodium bicarbonate, gluthatione, and oxygen.
Let’s take a quick look at each of these and see how to best utilize them to enhance immune response:

>Vitamin C: This is one of the most fundamental boosters of human immune response, particularly since humans are one of only 3 species on earth that cannot produce its own supply of vitamin C. When confronted with extremely virulent pathogens such as Ebola, the most effective way to use vitamin C is by intravenous administration, both for preventive as well as curative purposes. If sufficient dosage is applied, vitamin C effectively eradicates all pathogens. According to a recently published article by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, a leading authority on this topic:

"To date, not a single virus has been tested that is not inactivated (killed) by a large enough dose of vitamin C (ascorbic acid)... A primary way in which vitamin C destroys viruses, or sets them up for destruction by the immune system, is by activating the 'Fenton reaction.' In a nutshell, this reaction can proceed inside the virus, inside cells in which viruses are replicating, and on the surfaces of the viruses themselves.

So if you think you may have been exposed to Ebola, or infected by any other deadly pathogen, one of the first lines of defense is intravenous vitamin C therapy, at dosages of up to 10-25 grams per infusion by slow drip.
For overall preventive purposes, and to maintain optimum immune response, a daily of dose of 3 grams of vitamin C, taken in 3 doses of 1 gram each, should be sufficient.

>Vitamin D3: Known as the “sunshine vitamin” because the body produces vitamin D when exposed to sufficient sunshine, this nutrient is one of the basic pillars of immune response. Due to indoor lifestyles, air pollution that blocks beneficial sun rays, the excessive use of sunscreens, and other factors, an estimated 80% of the population in developed nations are critically deficient in this essential vitamin, which is difficult to obtain in sufficient amounts through diet. Therefore, in order to insure a supply that’s sufficient to maintain strong immune response, it’s best to take an oral supplement of at least 5,000 iu per day. Be sure to take the D3 form, which is the most readily assimilated. To insure maximum benefit, it’s advisable to take vitamin D3 along with vitamin K2.

>Selenium: This key mineral has been almost totally eliminated from our food supply by to modern farming methods, which deplete the soil of this important nutrient. However, you can still get a sufficient daily dose by eating 2-3 Brazil nuts, or half a dozen cloves of raw garlic. To be on the safe side, however, it’s best to include a 200 mcg capsule of selenium with your daily supplements. Selenium is an essential element for the production of your body’s most potent antioxidant, and it has numerous other immune defense functions, including anti-cancer properties. In his most recent newsletter, Dr. Mark Sircus writes as follows on the importance of selenium:

it is crucial that you are getting adequate amounts of selenium in your diet or using a supplement. Glutathione requires selenium for its production. Selenium is a trace mineral that the body incorporates into proteins to make over 25 different selenoproteins including the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. 

>Iodine: We’ve discussed iodine before, and here again it plays an important role in maintaining optimum immune defense. You should only use the form known as ‘nascent iodine,’ which is by far the most bio-available. 8 drops in half a glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the daily maintainence dosage. If you have been exposed to contagious pathogens, take another 8 drops mid-afternoon until the danger passes. When suffering from full-blown symptoms of acute disease, you may take up to 6 doses per day until the symptoms begin to recede.

>Magnesium: This is the most important macro-nutrient in the human body, playing a key role in over 300 enzymatic reactions. Whenever the immune system is activated in response to external attack, magnesium supplies are rapidly depleted.
The most effective way to assimilate magnesium rapidly is by transdermal administration, via the skin, and the best form for this method is magnesium chloride. This may be used as a liquid solution rubbed into the skin, or as crystal flakes added to a hot bath. For oral administration, magnesium chloride also may be added to your daily drinking water, or taken in tablet form as magnesium citrate. A new compound that has recently been developed for oral supplementation is magnesium l-threonate, which is more readily absorbed than other forms and can cross the blood/brain barrier to enhance cognitive function and protect the brain.

>Zinc: Zinc is an essential building block for the other most powerful antioxidant in the human body, so when taken together with selenium, the two strongest pillars of your immune system’s antioxidant defense network are boosted on a daily basis. Zinc also plays other important roles in overall immune response. A daily dose of 30 mg is usually sufficient to maintain defense.

>Omega-3 fatty acids: In order to produce hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and other forms of jing 精 (“vital essence”) involved in immune response and nerve transmission, your body requires abundant supplies of essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3. Good sources of this vital nutrient include cod liver, krill oil, astaxanthin, and other healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, raw nuts that have been soaked in water overnight, avocados, organic eggs, and raw butter from pasture-fed cows.

>Sodium bicarbonate (“baking soda”): Bicarb is one of the least expensive supplements on earth, as well as one of the most useful, for it produces an internal environment within your body that makes it very difficult for any virus, bacteria, or other harmful pathogen to gain a foothold and replicate. All harmful viruses and bacteria require an acid environment in order to colonize any tissue in the human body, and this is also true of cancer tumors. Modern diets based on factory processed foods, sugar and grain, chemical additives, and other denatured ingredients have a strongly acid-forming effect on the bloodstream and cellular fluids, creating a chronic immune debilitating condition known as “acidosis,” which renders your tissues vulnerable to invasion and colonization by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and tumors.
Bicarb has a strongly alkalizing effect on the digestive system, bloodstream, and intercellular fluids, thereby neutralizing acidosis and producing a slightly alkaline environment that is hostile to pathogens of all kinds, as well as to the growth of tumors. As a general preventive, you may take tsp of sodium bicarbonate stirred into a glass of pure water 1-2 times daily, and when seriously ill with viral and bacterial infections, you may increase this to 5-6 times daily, until symptoms subside. For lung infections, bicarb may be inhaled as a mist from a nebulizer, and for cancer it can be taken intravenously. The latter two applications should be done under the guidance of a doctor trained in alternative medicine.

>Glutathione: Glutathione is the primary antioxidant defense element in all cells of the human body. In order to maintain adequate levels of this essential immune factor, you must pay close attention to wholesome dietary habits, because glutathione cannot be taken in tablet form, like other supplements. You need to eat high quality protein that provides the full range of essential amino acids, and you need a sufficient supply of selenium. Here are some excerpts from Dr. Sircus’s newsletter on the importance of glutathione as a primary immune defense factor:
The first step in anti-viral or bacterial medicine is to build the strength of the immune system. Our immune cells are designed to protect us, but what protects the immune cell? Glutathione is the protector of the immune cell and allows newly formed immune cells to proliferate to attack germs and viruses. Glutathione feeds, protects, and strengthens our immune system.

GSH (glutathione) protects us from viruses, such as the herpes virus, flu viruses, and probably from Ebola as well. Our white blood cells are cells help fight off viruses. They need an abundant supply of glutathione to be able to effectively protect us from invading micro-organisms and viruses.

Dr. Julian Whitaker writes, “Alpha lipoic acid also ramps up glutathione synthesis and significantly enhances detoxification, and we use it at the clinic, along with selenium and silymarin, to treat hepatitis and other liver diseases. Recent research suggests that the “sleep hormone” melatonin boosts glutathione status too, by stimulating production of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

>Oxygen: When properly administered, oxygen is capable of exterminating virtually all pathogens carried in the bloodstream and embedded in vital organs and other tissues. One of the most effective methods of eradicating pathogens with oxygen is intravenous ozone therapy, whereby about a liter of blood is withdrawn from the bloodstream, infused with ozone, then injected back into the bloodstream. As soon as ozone (O3) circulates in the bloodstream, each molecule reduces to the ordinary atmospheric oxygen which we breathe (O2) plus a molecule of singlet oxygen (O1), which oxidizes and thereby destroys any pathogen in its path. If there’s a ‘silver bullet’ with which to arm your immune system against all pathogens, it’s oxygen.
In cases of acute infection such as Ebola and pneumonia, intravenous ozone should be administered daily at a certified ozone clinic, until symptoms subside. For chronic infections such as hepatitis C and HIV, two or three ozone treatments per week for a period of 3-6 months is an effective therapeutic protocol. Ozone may also be administered by rectal insufflation and transdermally in steam chambers.
* * *
Familiarizing yourself with the basic parameters of a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding habits which impair immune response, is also an essential strategy when facing potential pandemics such as Ebola, tuberculosis, and virulent flu.
One of the most pernicious immune-destructive factors in the world today is electromagnetic energy pollution, which can easily grind immune response to a complete halt when exposure is prolonged and reaches high magnitude. Cell phones, computers, cordless phones, all electrical appliances, cell phone relay towers, television, high altitude air travel, and countless other high-tech factors that clutter our lives today all have a strongly suppressive effect on human immune response. When facing exposure to contagious pathogens such as Ebola, it’s best to minimize the use of all such devices and make sure that all electronic gadgets are removed from the room in which you sleep.
Wifi has turned almost every room in every household and office into a virtual sea of harmful EMF radiation, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it these days. Therefore, the best solution is to protect yourself with a simple but highly effective product that transforms harmful EMF, microwave, and wifi radiation into harmless wave forms. Of all the products that I have tested and reviewed, the most effective is the line of titanium plates produced by Teslas Innovative Technologies. For detailed information on the problem of electromagnetic energy pollution and the Teslas solution, you may refer to the following article on my website:

Daniel Reid - electro magnetic energy pollution

Almost all prescription pharma drugs suppress human immune response, leaving the body exposed to invasion by external pathogens. Other chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, MSG, preservatives, pesticides, fossil fuel exhaust, and all the chemical additives you see on the labels of common supermarket items such as body creams, skin lotions, sunscreens, aerosol sprays, fast foods, pre-cooked frozen foods and other products all have varying degrees of immune suppressant effects once they are assimilated and circulated within your body.
In the final analysis, it all boils down to what you eat, drink, and otherwise allow to enter into the inner sanctum of your body, whether it be food, beverages, medicine, skin care products, or harmful electromagnetic and microwave radiation. The basic strategy is therefore quite simple: eliminate or at least decrease as much as possible all harmful factors and increase to optimum levels all available helpful factors. Your fortress of immune defense will always protect you if you keep your guard up and maintain a vigilant watch against invasion.