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Therapeutic Fasting and Colonic Irrigation

by Daniel Reid



Therapeutic fasting and colonic irrigation is designed to purge the entire body of poisons that have accumulated in the organs and tissues year after year, due to improper eating habits, environmental pollution, recreational and medicinal drugs, and other lifestyle factors.

The colon, which is designed by nature to serve as a sort of sewer system for processing solid wastes, has in most people become a festering cesspool, clogged solid with impacted dried mucus, undigested food, inorganic chemicals, forming a plaster-like wall against the inside lining of the bowels. Not only does this inhibit digestion and normal bowel movements, it is also a chronic source of "autotoxification," whereby the bloodstream picks up toxic particles that seep into blood through the bowel tissues. This is a primary cause of disease, degeneration, aging, and premature death.

Fasting is the body's natural way of purging itself of poisons, repairing tissues, purifying the blood and other vital fluids, and regenerating and rebalancing all vital functions. All of the enormous energy and enzyme power that is normally applied to digestive functions in daily life is diverted entirely over to detoxification and healing functions during a fast.

Daily colonic irrigation of the lower bowels removes impacted encrustations of toxic debris from the colon, gradually eliminating the heavy, dense obstructions from the bowels and allowing them to restore their natural shape and flexibility. Colonic irrigation also triggers a complete purging of toxic bile from the liver, via the bile duct.

As the fast progresses, each and every one of the internal organs detoxifies itself, while digestive enzymes circulate throughout the system digesting damaged cells, tumors, deeply impacted mucus, crystalized spurs on the joints, microbes, and anything else that poses a threat to the body. Fasting also stimulates the secretion of "growth hormone" (GH) from the pituitary gland. This is the body's most powerful healing and regeneration hormone, but the pituitary gland virtually ceases production of GH by the age of 30. Fasting restores GH production for the specific purpose of repairing damage to the organs and other tissues as part of the overall healing process which fasting governs.


The reason that one should periodically do this program is to protect health, promote vitality, and prolong life. There is no substitute for fasting: it is nature's way to cure all disease at the root source, which always involves some sort of tissue toxicity. The supplements, herbs, colonics, massage, and exercises all assist this process, and make it far more swift and effective than it would be with just plain fasting, but you still have to abstain from all food in order to make it all work.

Today, tissue detoxification is more important than ever. Every pharmaceutical drug you have ever taken has left some sort of residue in your tissues. Every preservative and artificial additiive in food that's every passed through your system has triggered a major secretion of mucus, much of which is still plastered against the walls of your colon. It will never come out until you get in there with mechanical means and flush it out. That's what colonic irrigations do; along with the psyllium husk powder and other supplements, these irrigations rehydrate the dried impacted mucus clots, loosen them from the bowel lining, and send them tumbling out of your body and into the toilet. It's impossible to describe in words what an enormous relief it is to see all that revolting, noxious, toxic sludge comeout rather than stay in your body.

The rest of the detox work is done naturally by your blood, lymph, hormones, and enzymes, so it's really just a matter of giving them sufficient time to do their jobs, and that means keeping your entire digestive system switched "Off" for three to seven days. It takes seven days for total detoxification of the bloodstream to occur, and at least three days for a basic bowel and liver cleanse.


Basically, you stop eating all solid food for three to seven days.

Four times daily you take a "psyllium shake," which bulks up inside your bowels and carries water into the colon. After this you take some "liquid bentonite," also known as "clay water," which is a micro-molecule with a negative charge that goes deep into the cellular matrix of the tissues and draws out toxic molecules, then carries them to the kidneys for excretion with the urine.

In between, you take some "green food" supplements and natural-source vitamins.

Once or twice a day you take a colonic irrigation with 20 liters of warm water into which some coffee has been added.



Virtually everyone living in modern industrial societies has a fully or partially clogged colon, and the only way to clear out the accumulated obstructions in the colon is with fasting and colonic irrigation. Most people's colons are twisted and bent into tortuous knots, with swollen sections and narrowed passages, where lumps of dried impacted mucus stuffed with putrefied proteins, fermented starches, and other highly toxic residues have collected and become stuck over the years, blocking the free passage of bowel waste and damaging the bowel wall. This accumulated waste matter allows poisons to continuously seep into the bloodstream, causing a wide range of chronic debilitating conditions that can never be corrected until this foul waste is eliminated from the body.

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