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“Renew Your Lease on Life”

The Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration Program

Cleanse with Daniel and Snow in China!

In May 2009, Daniel & Snow hosted their "Renew Your Lease on Life" Detox and Cleanse Program for the second time in Dali, Yunnan Province in China.

Daniel and Snow are in the process of establishing a health and healing center here in Dali and plan to host the program regularly here from now on.

We invite you to participate in your own detoxification and rejunevation life/health experience in this truly unique and beautiful place, one of the most beautiful and least-developed areas of China.

And a truly incredible opportunity to work directly with Daniel and his wife Snow and at the same time visit.

Click here for details of the next program to take place later this year...

.... or read on below for the detailed program description...

Designed and Guided by Daniel and Snow Reid

Daniel and Snow Reid’s Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration Program consists of three basic methods applied over a period of three to seven days. All three work in synergistic conjunction with one another, and each one complements and supports the other two as they work on different levels to achieve the goal of tissue detoxification, cellular regeneration, and life extension. The advanced energy treatment is available only to particular individuals who are ready for such work, preferably after doing the basic detox program at least once.

Each component of the program is briefly described below:

I. Therapeutic Fasting and Colonic Irrigation

This is the centerpiece of the program and consists of 3-7 days of therapeutic fasting with daily colonic irrigation using the “Colema Board” method. Fasting is nature’s way of allowing the body to detoxify and cleanse itself. Fasting fully activates the total potential healing power of the body’s natural self-cleansing mechanisms and internal self-repair responses. This natural healing process is accelerated and amplified by colonic irrigation, which triggers massive internal cleansing responses, and is supported by special cleansing supplements and nutrients.

Seven days is required to totally detoxify all the bodily tissues and purify the entire bloodstream and lymphatic system. Three days is the minimum period of time required to completely dredge and clean the bowels, purge the liver and other internal organs of toxic residues and acid wastes, and alkalize the blood and other bodily fluids. Seven day fasts always trigger a process known as the "healing crisis," which usually occurs sometime between the third and fifth day. This marks the point when the detox process reaches the deepest layers of the tissues and causes a massive excretion of toxic residues via the bloodstream, kidneys, and skin. It usually also results in the release of deeply seated negative emotional and mental energies, which are often the root cause of chronic ailments. Seven day fasts require a much deeper commitment to the detox process and complete retreat from normal daily actvities.

Three day fasts are much easier to tolerate, and they do not require passage through the discomfort of a healing crisis. However, 3-day programs are still extremely effective in clearing the bowels of impacted debris, cleansing the internal organs, and eliminating accumulated toxins, mucus deposits, and acid residues from the body's tissues. It is recommended that you try one or two three-day fasts before attempting a seven-day fast.

The colonic cleansing program includes the following basic protocols:

Two cleansing supplements taken four times daily

  1. Psyllium Powder Intestinal Cleanser: Psyllium is a 100% natural vegetable fiber consisting of ground psyllium seeds and their husks. Combined with water it forms a gelatinous bulk in the stomach, then sweeps like a broom through the small intestine and lower bowel, dissolving hardened mucus and pushing clogged debris down and out for excretion through the rectum

  2. Colloidal Liquid Bentonite: this is a very fine “clay water” with a
    molecular structure smaller than that of water; each molecule of colloidal bentonite has a negative charge and acts like a micro-magnet to neutralize and elimate tissue toxins, which have a postive charge; the bentonite travels through the bloodstream to the deepest recesses of the organs, glands, and other tissues, where it draws toxic residues out for excretion through the kidneys

Three nutritional supplements taken four times daily

(taken separately from the cleansing supplements)

  1. “Greenlife:” tablets of wheat and barley grass juice extracted from organically grown cereal grasses; it contains 40% pure vegetable protein to help regenerate new cells, plus the full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes needed for complete nutritional support; it contains abundant supplies of pure chlorophyll to purify the bloodstream; as a pure raw “superfood, this product is directly assimilated into the bloodstream without requiring any digestive activity and therefore it does not interfere with the internal cleansing and healing responses activated by the fasting process

  2. Enzymatic Supplement: powerful digestive enzymes; taken while fasting, digestive enzymes pass through the stomach and travel throughout the entire digestive tract, where they dissolve hardened mucus impacted into the bowel walls, digest partially digested food residues, destroy microbes, and help eliminate other toxic wastes; enzymes are especially effective in digesting and
    eliminating putrefactive proteins and fermented starches impacted within the walls of the digestive tract

  3. Natural Vitamin C: provides anti-oxidant activity, assists the body’s internal cleansing responses, and gives nutritional support

Daily Colonic Irrigation

High colonic irrigation with the Colema Board, using 20 liters of warm water to which coffee is added; the coffee helps dissolve impacted mucus, stimulates the bowel’s natural peristaltic contractions to help eliminate debris, and triggers the liver to eliminate stagnant bile through the bile duct into the colon; other ingredients may be added to the colonic solution as required, such as fresh aloe juice in cases of ulcerative colitis, fresh garlic juice for parasites, hydrogen peroxide for microbial infection, and so forth.

Clients must book the number of days they wish to fast in advance. After completing three days, the client has the option to extend the program for one or two additional days, for a total of four or five days. The extra days will be charged to the client's account at the day-rate. After completion of the program, clients may purchase a personal supply of psyllium powder to continue cleansing the bowels at home in conjunction with a light vegetarian diet.

II. Internal and External Hydrotherapy with Alkaline Microwater

Magnesium is the single most important element in the body's self-cleansing mechanisms, cellular energy production, and enzyme reactions, and it is essential to the basic functions of both the nervous and endocrine systems. It is most easily assimilated via the skin.

Water has four essential functions in the human body, all of which are greatly enhanced when the water is microstructured and alkalized:

  • Detoxification: When water is alkalized with Magnesium Chloride, it swiftly flushes toxic residues out of the tissues and cells, carrying them into the blood and lymph for excretion through the kidneys and skin

  • Rehydration: Magnesium-rich quickly rehydrates the cells and tissues because its micro- clustered structure allows it to easily permeate the cell walls

  • Alkalization: Excess acidity is one of the primary disease conditions caused by tissue toxicity and cellular stagnation. Alkalization of bodily fluids is therefore essential for detoxifying and regenerating tissues and cells. Alkaline magnesium water swiftly neutralizes acid residues, flushes them from the tissues and cells, and carries them to the kidneys and skin for excretion

  • Mineralization: Adequate mineralization of the cells is required to restore metabolic balance and support detoxification and regeneration on the cellular level. Alkaline magnesium water transports essential minerals and trace elements across the cellular membrane, thereby restoring proper mineral balance in all the tissues of the body and allowing the cleansing process to reach each and every cell

   - Internal Hydrotherapy

During the course of the program, each client drinks at least 3-4 liters daily of alkaline water, both as drinking water and mixed together with the psyllium, bentonite, and nutrients. Liquid magnesium chloride ("Magne-Oil") is added to the drinking water to supplement the body's supplies of this vital detox mineral. Since the detoxification process releases large quantities of toxic acid residues from the tissues, the constant intake of large amounts of alkaline water supplemented with magnesium chloride helps neutralize and flush out these acid wastes. This reduces the discomfort of the detox process, accelerates tissue cleansing, and provides the fresh cellular fluids required for regenerating cells and repairing damaged tissues.

   - External Hydrotherapy

The Magnum Bath

This  powerful hydrotherapy draws toxins from the tissues, replenishes the vital fluids of the cells with energized microwater,  and restores cellular magnesium to optimum levels.     It may be applied as a full-body immersion bath or as a simple footbath, with equally effective results.

While drawing the hot water for a full-body or foot bath, add to the bath water 1 cup of Magnesium Chloride Bath Salts.   If available,  also 1 tablespoon each of  magnesium oxide and mica powder,  although these are not essential to obtain therapeutic benefits from the magnesium chloride in the bath.   Magnesium oxide provides the water with additional tissue detoxification properties, while laminar crystal (mica) charges  the  bath water with  energy and transforms the bath into a  "bio-battery" that recharges the vital fluids in the tissues of the body.   A few drops of your favorite pure essential oil may also be added to the bath water for additional therapeutic benefit.

The magnesium-rich water from the bath   absorbs quickly through the skin,  and  the magnesium disperses swiftly into  the tissues,  permeating all of the cells in the body.   Human cells easily assimilate magnesium chloride  because  this is the natural form of magnesium in sea water, which has the same mineral profile as human blood.   When this pure magnesium water enters the cells, the stale, polluted waste water that accumulates within the cells is excreted from the tissues and expelled from the body  via the skin back into the bath.  4-5 liters of water can be exchanged this way between the body and the bath during the course of a soak in a Magnum Bath, replacing foul cellular waste water with magnesium-rich pure water.   You can  often smell the  sour odor of your own acid wastes  rising from the  water by the end of the bath.

In addition, evidence suggests that the Magnum  Bath  stimulates production  of  DHEA , which is one of the  master hormones required for  human health and longevity.   Restoration of DHEA production, which normally diminishes swiftly in adulthood,  is a key strategy in protecting health and prolonging life.

Immerse the whole body in a tub, or just the feet in a bucket, of  Magnum Bath water  for 20-30 minutes  at a temperature of about 108 degrees F,  then rinse well with  water and dry off with a cotton towel.   Immediately drink 2 glasses of pure water with 5-6 drops of magnesium chloride oil in it.

The most effective protocol for this therapy is to start with a daily bath  treatment  every day  for  the first 7 days, then continue on a maintainence program of 2-3  baths per week for another 6-8 weeks.

For additional alkalization and detoxification benefits, 2 cups of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) may also be added to the Magnum Bath.


III. Advanced Supplemental Energy Treatment:
Snow's "Fire-Hand/Water-Heart" Channel Clearing and
Energy Tuning Therapy

This treatment is only available to individuals who Snow feels will benefit from it, and who are fully prepared to release particular blockages and imbalances in their energy systems that are the root causes of their chronic disease and degenerative conditions. Quite often the clogged channels and stagnant energies which cause physical problems in the body are rooted in negative emotions and mental attitudes that have been harbored inside the system for many years, either from childhood or past-life traumas, and usually the ego has become strongly attached to them as part of its identity and role-behavior in the person's life. Therefore, this therapy is most suitable for those who have already done some type of energy work and/or spiritual self-cultivation, as well as a few detox programs, and who wish to clear the core issues in their chronic health problems.

Prior to the treatment, the client should take a hot Magnum Bath to release surface toxins, calm the nervous system, and fully relax the muscular-skeletal framework of the body. This enhances a person's sensitivity to Snow's energy work.

In administering this treatment, Snow first connects with the client's higher-self (soul) to obtain permission to do the work. She then summons the compassionate "Water" element of Kuan Yin through her heart and channels this luminous healing energy through her arms and into her hands, where it fuses with the powerful transformative "Fire" element of Shiva and enters into the personal energy field of the client (Kuan Yin and Shiva are Snow's primary tutelary healing sources, and she has received initiation for both). During this treatment, Snow receives direct virbrational feedback from the client's energy system, thereby guiding her hands to the blocked channels and unbalanced energies which are causing the client's disorders. This process usually brings the client's core issues from the subconsious into the conscious level, and often Snow receives images and messages regarding the client's problems and their best solutions, which she relates to the client after the treatment. As the treatment proceeds, Snow applies the potent healing power of "Water-heart" and "Fire-hand" energy to clear the client's blocked channels, dissolve congested clots of negative emotions and thought patterns that have become embedded in the client's field, and re-tune the whole energy system into resonant harmony with the universal pulse of radiant health.

The duration of the treatment and the degree of clearance and rebalancing achieved depend upon the client's intent to heal, receptivity to high-frequency energy, and willingness to release negative attitudes and emotions and replace them with positive new patterns of behavior. In some cases, results are immediate and dramatic, while in others a gentler, more gradual approach involving a series of shorter treatments is required.

Rates and Payment Policy

The daily rates for the Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration Program include all cleansing and nutritional products, colonic irrigation equipment and service, and Magnum hydrotherapy products. An additional charge is added for electro-regenesis therapy, when available, and the cost of a second colonic irrigation on the same day is charged at 25% of the day rate. The rates for each program vary, depending on current costs of the products used, location of the program, and fees required for the participating therapists.

There is a strict policy requiring all clients to pay the full cost of the basic 3-day program in advance; additional days may be paid on a daily basis. There are two reasons for this policy. First, experience has shown that sometimes a client who has not paid in advance will quit the program after the first day, due to the discomfort of detox and reluctance to deal with the emotional and mental aspects of the cleansing process. Since all products for these programs are purchased in advance, and the therapists’ time and fees are also pre-arranged, based on the number of clients and days booked, early quitters cause a loss of time and money to the organizers of the programs. Pre-payment avoids such loss. Second, clients who have fully paid for their programs in advance are much less likely to drop out after the first or second day; instead they endure the initial discomforts and complete the basic 3-day program as planned, and often opt to do one or more additional days. The pre-payment policy thus serves as insurance to protect the interests of both the organizers and the participants of these programs.

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